High Precision Self-flow Filling Machine

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This machine adopts the principle of time-controlled flow, and the filling volume is accurate, which is especially suitable for filling and maintaining Health wine and water preparation, high foaming, low viscosity products, are widely used in wine industry, daily chemical, washing, medicine and food. The ideal filling machine for low-viscosity products in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Technical parameters

Applicable container cylindrical bottle, flat bottle, square bottle and special-shaped bottle

Filling capacity 30-5000ml

Production capacity 1500-10000p/h (depending on filling volume and number of filling heads) 6 to 12 heads

Filling accuracy time control flow +-1%

Air consumption  25m3/h Air pressure, 0.5-0.8Kg/cm2
Power  1kw
Weight  500kg
6. Dimensions  3000×1400×2100mm

Main configuration

Serial number Name Manufacturer
1 PLC Mitsubishi
2 Inverter Mitsubishi
3 Touch screen Taiwan Weilun
4 Low voltage electrical appliances Schneider
5 Main material 304 stainless steel
6 The electromagnetic valve AirTAC
7 cylinder AirTAC

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