16 Heads Multihead Weigher with Three Layers Weigher 1.6L Hopper

Short Description:

Three layers 16 heads multi-weigher packing machine can be used for weighing a single material or two mixed materials. The memory hopper is added to increase the probability of weighing combination and improve the accuracy of weighing materials. It is made of a 304 stainless steel frame and food class buckets. The 16 heads multihead weigher is suitable for melon seeds, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins, candies, pistachios, potato chips, shrimp cracks, dumplings, meatballs, etc.

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Product Specifications

Model A16
Weighing Range 10-1000g
Accuracy X(0.5)
Max Speed 120X2P/M
Hopper Volume 1.6L
Control Panel 10.1" Touch Screen
Options Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device
Driving System Step Motor
Power Requirement 220V/2300W/50/60Hz/11A
Packing Dimension(mm) 1860(L)x1200(W)x1540(H)
Gross Weight 650kg

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