History development


Yilong's development has been on the way

IN 2016

In 2016, the fimpackaging machine was developed.

IN 2015

In 2015, the successful acquisition of SO-MATEC APPLE, now renamed SO-MATEC YILONG.

In the same year, theYL-16SY series automatic packaging machine was published successfully.

IN 2014

In February 2014, Reed God Transport Machinery Co.Ltd.was set upand listed on the market successfully.

In 2014, Nagoya Japan, set up a research anddevelopment and sales center.

IN 2013

In 2013, Chengdu Reed Kun Baomechanical and Electrical Co,Ltd was established

IN 2012

In February 2012, the first rotary vacuum packaging machine was developed.

IN 2011

On January 2011, the successful development of the first YL-16ST series bagautomatic packing machine.

IN 2010

On August 2010,the upgradeonthe basis of theoriginal YL-8ST YL-8SW senes bagautomatic packaging machine successfully launched.

IN 2009

On March 2009, the successful development of the first machine suitable for handsanitizer products tobagautomatic packaging machine

IN 2008

On March 2008,tlie successful production of YL-5KGbagautomatic packagingmachine,

On November 2008, thesuccessful productionof YL-10ST zipper bagtobagautomatic packaging machine.

IN 2007

On May 2007, the successful productionof YL-10S bagautomatic packagingmachine.

On December 2007, the successful productionof YL-1QST bag automatic packaging machine.

IN 2006

On March 2006, the advent of the first zipper bagautomatic packing machne.

IN 2005

On February 2005, the first YL-8S nitrogen series tobagautomatic packaging machine was developed successfully.

On November 2005, the first automatic packagingmachine with the advent of themouth.

IN 2004

On February 2004. the first set of prepared food to bagautomatic packagingmachine was developed successfully

On September 2004, the first YL-8Sangle bag tobagautomatic packaging machine was developed successfully

IN 2003

On January 2003, the successful development of theYL-8ST series bag automatic packaging machine.

IN 2002

On June 2002, the successful development of the YL-8S series bagautomatic packaging machine

IN 2001

On April 2001. we successfully developed for 2 kgof

IN 1999

On 1999. the establishment of 'QingdaoYilong PackagingMachineryCo.Ltd. in Shandong regsterednQingdao'.

IN 1998

In May 1998, the first 6 station was introduced tothebag typeautomatic packaging machine.