Z type bucket elevator for solid granular products

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Z-Bucket Elevators are used mainly to convey solid granular products like rice, potato chip. candy, etc. This type of conveyor system is widely used to lift products on the top hopper of a weigher system and used in conjunction with a packaging machine to form an automatic packaging line. For the food packaging industry. the conveyor is made of SS304 stainless steel and plastic (PP) which is hygienic and safe. The elevator is controlled manually or automatically from the packaging line. Vertical type material conveying function can save space in warehouses. Double discharge exits are optional which makes the packing line more efficient. The conveyor generally comes with a vibrating feeder for uniform distribution of products on the buckets. These conveyors can be customized for height and other specialized parameters. Please contact us for customized Z-bucket elevators/conveyors of any size and requirement.

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Machine Features

Stainless steel SS304 or carbon steel according to the client's process requirement.
The buckets are made of a food-grade reinforced polypropylene.
Includes vibrating feeder for efficient and even spread of products on each bucket.
The use of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for motor control makes smooth operation and easy to operate .
Easy to install and maintain.
In accordance with CE Standards

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