Auger Filler With Hopper In Packaging System

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Auger filler with Hopper Specifications

Screw Conveyor uses screw or auger to convey powder products in packaging system.Screw is made of full welded stainless steel.

Screw Conveyor:

· Worked with packaging machine for feeding variety powdery products.

· Two motors used for screw feeding and hopper vibrating, separately control.

· Products storage hopper can be separated from the screw and tube easily.

· Flexible Reversible running screw, fast dismountable screw and discharge gate insure easy cleaning.

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Machine Features

Can be combined with other equipments for continuous or intermittent type weighing and packaging line

The bowl, made of 304 stainless steel material, is easy to disassemble and clean.

Can feed the material twice through flipping the switch and adjusting the timing sequence

Speed is adjustable.

Keep the bowl straight without spilling the materials

Can be combined with doypack filling machine, achieving the mixture of granule and liquid packing

Product Specifications

Name Auger filler
Construction Full stainless steel
Hopper size 860x900x1100mm; 150L
Power 550W to 2.5kW
Voltage 3-phase, 380V, 50-60Hz
Custom Support customization    

Product application


Product case



✔ With a device can against sealing vacant pouches to make sure that if there is no fill, there will be no seal.

✔ With a device can against sealing vacant pouches to make sure that if there is no fill, there will be no seal.

✔ Color-changing Times:1000

✔ Patented gripper system

✔ maximum precision

✔ Flexible pouch type: stand-up pouches with zipper or corner spouts, quad pouches and pouches with customers’ design

✔ Flexible production speed 15-90 pouches/min.

✔ Long work time and lifetime can work 24 hours a day, only one day off for maintenance per month.

✔ Easy to operate and maintain, one person is enough.

✔ High profitability can replace at least 7 workers for packaging.

✔ Low energy and maintenance costs, only a few spare parts need to change.

✔ Fast delivery of spare parts, for example, max 3 normal days to reach you

Optional Device

Bag mouth clean

Dust Collector

Metal detector

Dust Collector

Check Weigher

Inkjet Printer

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